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TitleArtistFirst EnrtyLast SeenPeakWeeks
Ain't No Mountain High EnoughDiana Ross06-09-197022-11-1970612
Ain't No Mountain High Enough {1986}Diana Ross03-08-198610-08-1986852
All Of My LifeDiana Ross30-12-197324-03-1974913
Best Years Of My LifeDiana Ross27-03-199424-04-1994285
Chain ReactionDiana Ross12-01-198618-05-1986119
Chain Reaction {1993}Diana Ross03-10-199331-10-1993205
Cryin' My Heart Out For YouDiana Ross07-06-198121-06-1981583
Dirty LooksDiana Ross07-06-198721-06-1987493
Doobedood'Ndoobe Doobedood'NdoobeDiana Ross07-05-197202-07-1972129
Eaten AliveDiana Ross15-09-198529-09-1985713
ExperienceDiana Ross27-04-198611-05-1986473
Gettin' Ready For LoveDiana Ross13-11-197701-01-1978238
Heart (Don't Change My Mind)Diana Ross07-03-199321-03-1993313
I Thought It Took A Little TimeDiana Ross04-07-197601-08-1976325
I Will SurviveDiana Ross11-02-199603-03-1996144
I'm Coming OutDiana Ross09-11-198011-01-19811310
I'm GoneDiana Ross19-11-199514-01-1996364
I'm Still WaitingDiana Ross25-07-197124-10-1971114
I'm Still Waiting (Phill Chill Remix)Diana Ross01-07-199005-08-1990216
I'm Still Waiting {1976}Diana Ross10-10-197631-10-1976414
If We Hold On TogetherDiana Ross22-11-199224-01-19931110
In The Ones You LoveDiana Ross15-12-199623-02-1997346
It's My HouseDiana Ross18-11-197920-01-19803210
It's My TurnDiana Ross11-01-198101-03-1981168
It's Never Too LateDiana Ross01-08-198222-08-1982414
Last Time I Saw HimDiana Ross28-04-197419-05-1974354
Love HangoverDiana Ross18-04-197620-06-19761010
Love Hangover '88Diana Ross20-11-198827-11-1988752
Love MeDiana Ross22-09-197420-10-1974385
Lovin' Livin' Givin'Diana Ross16-07-197820-08-1978546
Mirror MirrorDiana Ross24-01-198221-02-1982365
Missing YouDiana Ross14-04-198502-06-1985768
Mr LeeDiana Ross02-10-198816-10-1988583
MusclesDiana Ross17-10-198212-12-1982159
My Old PianoDiana Ross14-09-198009-11-198059
No One Gets The PrizeDiana Ross30-09-197914-10-1979593
Not Over You YetDiana Ross31-10-199916-01-2000911
One More ChanceDiana Ross22-03-198119-04-1981495
One Shining MomentDiana Ross14-06-199202-08-1992108
ParadiseDiana Ross23-07-198930-07-1989612
Pieces Of IceDiana Ross03-07-198331-07-1983465
Reach Out And Touch (Somebody's Hand)Diana Ross12-07-197009-08-1970335
Remember MeDiana Ross28-03-197113-06-1971712
Shock WaveDiana Ross04-10-198711-10-1987762
So CloseDiana Ross09-01-198330-01-1983434
Sorry Doesn't Always Make It RightDiana Ross23-03-197518-05-1975239
SurrenderDiana Ross24-10-197102-01-19721011
Take Me HigherDiana Ross27-08-199517-09-1995324
TendernessDiana Ross17-01-198231-01-1982732
The BossDiana Ross15-07-197926-08-1979407
The Force Behind The PowerDiana Ross09-02-199223-02-1992273
Theme From Mahogany (Do You Know Where You're Going To)Diana Ross28-03-197616-05-197658
Touch By TouchDiana Ross09-09-198414-10-1984476
Touch Me In The MorningDiana Ross08-07-197307-10-1973913
UpfrontDiana Ross16-10-198323-10-1983792
Upside DownDiana Ross13-07-198028-09-1980212
When You Tell Me That You Love MeDiana Ross24-11-199102-02-1992211
Why Do Fools Fall In LoveDiana Ross01-11-198117-01-1982412
Why Do Fools Fall In Love/I'm Coming OutDiana Ross03-07-199424-07-1994364
Work That BodyDiana Ross23-05-198201-08-1982711
Workin' OvertimeDiana Ross30-04-198928-05-1989325
Your LoveDiana Ross05-12-199323-01-1994148

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