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Chart data from 14-11-1952 to 20-01-2023

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TitleArtistFirst EnrtyLast SeenPeakWeeks
A Red Letter DayPet Shop Boys23-03-199725-05-199794
Always On My MindPet Shop Boys06-12-198722-02-2009114
BeforePet Shop Boys28-04-199621-07-199678
Being BoringPet Shop Boys18-11-199006-01-1991208
Can You Forgive HerPet Shop Boys06-06-199318-07-199377
Did You See Me ComingPet Shop Boys07-06-200914-06-2009212
DJ CulturePet Shop Boys20-10-199124-11-1991135
Domino DancingPet Shop Boys18-09-198801-01-1989711
FlamboyantPet Shop Boys04-04-200425-04-2004124
Go WestPet Shop Boys12-09-199307-11-199329
HeartPet Shop Boys27-03-198829-05-1988110
Home And DryPet Shop Boys24-03-200219-05-2002148
I Don't Know What You Want But I Can't..Pet Shop Boys25-07-199926-09-1999155
I Get AlongPet Shop Boys21-07-200204-08-2002183
I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind OfPet Shop Boys06-02-199406-02-19941001
I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind Of ThingPet Shop Boys05-12-199316-01-1994137
I'm With StupidPet Shop Boys14-05-200604-06-200684
It Doesn't Often Snow At ChristmasPet Shop Boys20-12-200927-12-2009402
It's A SinPet Shop Boys21-06-198730-08-1987111
It's AlrightPet Shop Boys02-07-198920-08-198958
JealousyPet Shop Boys02-06-199130-06-1991125
LeavingPet Shop Boys21-10-201221-10-2012441
Left To My Own DevicesPet Shop Boys20-11-198808-01-198948
LiberationPet Shop Boys10-04-199408-05-1994145
Love Comes QuicklyPet Shop Boys02-03-198627-04-1986199
Love EtcPet Shop Boys22-03-200912-04-2009144
MinimalPet Shop Boys30-07-200613-08-2006193
MiraclesPet Shop Boys23-11-200314-12-2003104
New York City BoyPet Shop Boys03-10-199928-11-1999147
NumbPet Shop Boys22-10-200605-11-2006233
Opportunities (Let's Make Lots Of Money)Pet Shop Boys25-05-198613-07-1986118
Paninaro '95Pet Shop Boys30-07-199512-11-1995157
RentPet Shop Boys18-10-198703-01-1988810
Se A Vida E (That's The Way Life Is)Pet Shop Boys18-08-199606-10-199688
SinglePet Shop Boys17-11-199626-01-1997146
So HardPet Shop Boys30-09-199004-11-199046
SomewherePet Shop Boys29-06-199727-07-199795
SuburbiaPet Shop Boys28-09-198623-11-198689
TogetherPet Shop Boys05-12-201005-12-2010581
Was It Worth It?Pet Shop Boys15-12-199105-01-1992244
West End GirlsPet Shop Boys10-11-198522-02-2009117
Where The Streets Have No Name/Can't Take My Eyes Off You/How Can You Expect To Be Taken Seriously?Pet Shop Boys17-03-199105-05-199148
WinnerPet Shop Boys12-08-201212-08-2012861
Yesterday, When I Was MadPet Shop Boys04-09-199425-09-1994134
You Only Tell Me You Love Me When..Pet Shop Boys09-01-200030-01-200084

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