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Chart data from 14-11-1952 to 20-01-2023

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TitleArtistFirst EnrtyLast SeenPeakWeeks
A Taste Of AggroThe Barron Knights26-11-197828-01-1979310
An Olympic RecordThe Barron Knights23-10-196813-11-1968354
Blackboard JumbleThe Barron Knights29-11-198127-12-1981525
Buffalo Bill's Last ScratchThe Barron Knights06-03-198327-03-1983494
Call Up The GroupsThe Barron Knights09-07-196401-10-1964313
Come To The DanceThe Barron Knights22-10-196429-10-1964422
Food For ThoughtThe Barron Knights02-12-197906-01-1980466
Live In TroubleThe Barron Knights23-10-197701-01-1978711
Merry Gentle PopsThe Barron Knights16-12-196527-01-196697
Never Mind The PresentsThe Barron Knights30-11-198018-01-1981178
Pop Go The WorkersThe Barron Knights25-03-196517-06-1965513
The Sit SongThe Barron Knights28-09-198019-10-1980444
Under New ManagementThe Barron Knights01-12-196626-01-1967159

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