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Chart data from 14-11-1952 to 20-01-2023

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TitleArtistFirst EnrtyLast SeenPeakWeeks
A Little Bit Me A Little Bit YouThe Monkees06-04-196722-06-1967312
Alternate TitleThe Monkees22-06-196706-09-1967212
Daydream BelieverThe Monkees15-11-196706-03-1968517
Dw WashburnThe Monkees26-06-196831-07-1968176
I'm A BelieverThe Monkees05-01-196727-04-1967117
Last Train To ClarksvilleThe Monkees26-01-196709-03-1967237
Pleasant Valley SundayThe Monkees16-08-196704-10-1967118
Someday ManThe Monkees25-06-196925-06-1969471
Teardrop CityThe Monkees26-03-196926-03-1969441
That Was Then This Is NowThe Monkees28-09-198619-10-1986684
The Monkees EpThe Monkees09-03-198004-05-1980339
The Monkees Ep {1989}The Monkees19-03-198902-04-1989623
ValleriThe Monkees27-03-196815-05-1968128

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