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Chart data from 14-11-1952 to 20-01-2023

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TitleArtistFirst EnrtyLast SeenPeakWeeks
5:15The Who07-10-197311-11-1973206
A Legal MatterThe Who24-03-196628-04-1966326
Anyway Anyhow AnywhereThe Who27-05-196512-08-19651012
AthenaThe Who26-09-198217-10-1982404
DogsThe Who19-06-196817-07-1968255
Don't Let Go The CoatThe Who03-05-198124-05-1981474
Happy JackThe Who15-12-196623-02-1967311
I Can See For MilesThe Who18-10-196703-01-19681012
I Can't ExplainThe Who18-02-196513-05-1965813
I'm A BoyThe Who01-09-196624-11-1966213
Join TogetherThe Who18-06-197213-08-197299
Join Together (Live)The Who25-03-199025-03-19901001
Let's See ActionThe Who17-10-197102-01-19721612
Long Live RockThe Who22-04-197920-05-1979485
Magic BusThe Who23-10-196827-11-1968266
My GenerationThe Who04-11-196527-01-1966213
My Generation {1988}The Who14-02-198821-02-1988682
Pictures Of LilyThe Who27-04-196729-06-1967410
Pinball WizardThe Who19-03-196911-06-1969413
Ready Steady Who (Ep)The Who20-11-198327-11-1983582
RelayThe Who07-01-197304-02-1973215
Squeeze BoxThe Who18-01-197614-03-1976109
SubstituteThe Who10-03-196602-06-1966513
Substitute {1976}The Who24-10-197605-12-197677
Summertime BluesThe Who02-08-197023-08-1970384
The Kids Are AlrightThe Who01-09-196622-09-1966413
The Last Time/Under My ThumbThe Who26-07-196709-08-1967443
The SeekerThe Who29-03-197007-06-19701911
Twist And ShoutThe Who11-11-198418-11-1984872
Who Are YouThe Who16-07-197801-10-19781812
Won't Get Fooled AgainThe Who04-07-197119-09-1971912
Won't Get Fooled Again {1988}The Who19-06-198819-06-1988911
You Better You BetThe Who01-03-198119-04-198198

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