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Chart data from 14-11-1952 to 20-01-2023

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341974-11-24Lonely This ChristmasMud341
191974-12-01Lonely This ChristmasMud192
41974-12-08Lonely This ChristmasMud43
11974-12-15Lonely This ChristmasMud14
11974-12-22Lonely This ChristmasMud15
11974-12-29Lonely This ChristmasMud16
11975-01-05Lonely This ChristmasMud17
81975-01-12Lonely This ChristmasMud18
171975-01-19Lonely This ChristmasMud19
421975-01-26Lonely This ChristmasMud110
932015-12-25Lonely This ChristmasMud111
832016-12-23Lonely This ChristmasMud112
652016-12-30Lonely This ChristmasMud113
922017-12-15Lonely This ChristmasMud114
972017-12-22Lonely This ChristmasMud115
672017-12-29Lonely This ChristmasMud116
922018-12-14Lonely This ChristmasMud117
792018-12-21Lonely This ChristmasMud118
382018-12-28Lonely This ChristmasMud119
692019-12-27Lonely This ChristmasMud120
862020-12-11Lonely This ChristmasMud121
822020-12-18Lonely This ChristmasMud122
712020-12-25Lonely This ChristmasMud123
712021-01-01Lonely This ChristmasMud124
652021-12-10Lonely This ChristmasMud125
652021-12-17Lonely This ChristmasMud126
562021-12-24Lonely This ChristmasMud127
512021-12-31Lonely This ChristmasMud128
802022-12-09Lonely This ChristmasMud129
712022-12-16Lonely This ChristmasMud130
712022-12-23Lonely This ChristmasMud131
482022-12-30Lonely This ChristmasMud132

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