How does it work?

HEAL Alliance has developed a new solution to the HIV/AIDS epidemic with a model to secure new public/private funding to find a cure and eradicate HIV.  HEAL Alliance plans to issue the Smart Impact Bond® known as HEAL Smart Impact Bond Series ABC and M (“HEAL Bond on Blockchain”).  The HEAL Smart Impact Bond is inspired by the highly successful Gavi “vaccine bond” model for public/private funding.  The proceeds of HEAL Bond on Blockchain will be invested to fund the global HEAL Alliance network of ‘HIV Cure Centers’ for ultimate treatment of people living with HIV, at ‘Immunotherapy Cure Centers’ with participating medical institutions.  HEAL Alliance is an open, collaborative and transparent non-profit model which will utilize an Intellectual Property (IP) Commons model to support the research and development of treatment-free remission of HIV.  The HEAL Bond on Blockchain will accelerate the pace and clinical development of HIV cure-related studies around the world and catalyze the distribution and deployment of HIV cure translational medical science with participating medical institutions.