HEAL Alliance invests through Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and through direct contracting, based on technical recommendations by the SAC and decisions for funding by the Board and through opt-in to the HEAL Alliance IP Commons. In most cases investments will be executed through requests for proposals (RFPs). The HEAL Alliance Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) has the supreme advisory role in the design of RFP technical content, including criteria and methods for assessment of applicants for HEAL Alliance funding. RFPs can range from broad announcements made in the public domain (e.g. HEAL Alliance website) to restricted announcements targeted to organizations with known capabilities. Secretariat staff will screen proposals for eligibility and forward proposals for assessment to the SAC. Eligibility criteria and methods for proposal assessments will be specified in respective RFPs, according to SAC directions. The SAC will undertake full proposal reviews and provides recommendations for funding to the Board. The Board will make final decisions for funding. The investment process will conclude with contract signing and R&D implementation. Monitoring and evaluation will be ongoing and will include an end-of-project cycle review with decisions on termination or continuation of the investment. In exceptional circumstances, HEAL Alliance investments may be executed through direct contracting, requiring rapid assessments and decisions to support cure and vaccine development or clinical testing. Over time, HEAL Alliance may diversify its tools for channelling investments to include proactive scanning and soliciting relevant projects under the SAC’s scientific oversight and overall technical direction. Learn More: HEAL Alliance Governance Model (best practice, inspired by CEPI)

Roadmap to a Cure, Vaccine and Eradication of HIV:

  • Educate
  • Test
  • Treat
  • Cure
  • Vaccinate
  • Prevent
  • Eradiate

HEAL Alliance roadmap for HIV Cure investment is governed by the 2016 Full Recommendations (update to 2012) by the International Scientific Working Group published in Nature Medicine. doi:10.1038/nm.4108

The mission of the 2016 International Scientific Working Group is to update and revise the 2012 Global Scientific Strategy: Towards an HIV Cure and the accompanying Full Recommendations. The large, multi-disciplinary team of approximately 60 representatives globally was formed in November 2014. A Steering Committee of 7 experts provide oversight and guide the revision of the Global Scientific Strategy which will ultimately serve as a common roadmap for researchers, donors, and other stakeholders to drive funding and research to specifically address the gaps necessary to accelerate the search for a cure for HIV. Source: Towards an HIV Cure by International AIDS Society (IAS)

HEAL Alliance investment process is based on best global community commons practice. (inspired by CEPI investment process; best practice to benefit global public health)